GTA 5 Story Summary In Short

One of the most sold games in GTA series is GTA 5 which comes with a great story, missions and much more. Playing this game is really impressive and if you have played this game but didn’t get the story then we can help. This GTA 5 story summary will help you know about the characters and what happened in this game.


The game is mainly based in three characters and each one is a criminal who plot own chances of survival. And it is all about their success. You can read more about this on grandtheftaction.

Franklin – He is the street hustler who is always looking for some of real opportunities and money. In order to get money, he can do almost anything.

Michael – He is the second important character who is professional ex-con. The retirement of Michael is less rosy than he was thinking about it. This thing makes him a criminal.

Trevor – The last character of this game series is trevor who is violent maniac driven. He is always up for next big score. This character has an important role and great story too.

You can find that everything in this story is dangerous and you can learn it easily with gta 5 story summary.

Story Summary

The story starts nine years back in the winter season. A small bank was robbed and it was done in Ludendorff, north yankton. There were three robbers involved in it, Michael, Trevor and Brad. They were busy taking bank’s assets. Police attempt to stop and catch them. The fourth robber killed this time while leaving this area with money.

However, Trevor, Michael and Brad find cover to get rid of next wave of police. Now, trevor flees in the snowy field. Now, Michael and brad left behind. In the next scene, Michael is shown for funeral but at the same time, he is at fence of funeral standing alive. This was the point when story become interesting and everyone wanted the next part to launch soon.

Coming back to present day at Los Santos, Michael visits a psychiatrist office to discuss about the crumbling family. He is shown at witness protection and FIB is head to control it. There is a deal done between both. Michael is standing outside the office and talk with two gangbangers. The name of gangbangers is Franklin and Lamar. Both are looking for house. Both are repossessing vehicles for car dealers, mainly for Simeon Yetarian.

Yerarian is using both gandbangers where they practice to ensure customer like no one can keep up with the payments. These gangbangers are close to Simeon and they are relying on each other but they steal to leave this ghetto and streat gand life. The story continue and filled with lots of things. At the end, Franklin get this news that lamar is captured and many things happen with his home and house.

Bottom Line

If you don’t want to get any sort of spoiler then it is better to try out this game and playing all the missions. It is really awesome to play this game.


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